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DISH ESPN Goal line field goal

ESPN Goal Line on DISH

There is at least a week’s worth of football to watch on any college football Saturday. ESPN Goal Line brings you the most intense and exciting action from the top college football matchups every week. Tune in all day for live cut-ins when the action heads toward the goal line and for recorded highlights.

DISH ESPN Goal line 4 screen football

Everything and more

ESPN Goal Line brings you the most exciting plays in all college football, every week. And you can watch them side-by-side with other programming when you watch four channels at once in Sports Bar Mode or in a Picture-in-Picture frame. To keep track of every game that’s on, use the Game Finder app as a sports-wide scoreboard.

DISH ESPN Goal line fan watching on mobile cheering on bike

Stream college football

You don’t need to park in front of the TV for an entire Saturday to see the best in college football. With DISH Anywhere, you can take the highlights and cut-ins on ESPN Goal Line with you. Stream college football anywhere you have an Internet connection on your computer or mobile device. DISH Anywhere gives you access to all your live TV and select on-demand programming.

DISH ESPN Goal line football 50 yardline

Football on DISH

DISH is all over football like a lineman on a fumble. Whether it’s the NFL or college football, highlights or analysis, near or far, DISH gives you a way to watch it. You can add the Multi-Sport pack to DISH packages America’s Top 120+ and up for NFL coverage and college sports networks. And you can subscribe to America’s Top 200 where NFL Network and others come standard.