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DISH TV apps for Mobile Devices

DISH mobile apps put your whole account at your fingertips

DISH mobile apps give you control over every aspect of your account, from scheduling an appointment to scheduling a recording—and much more. You can find everything you need to maintain your account right on your phone with the MyDISH app and all your programming available with the DISH Anywhere app.

watch TV on the go on devices with DISH Anywhere

Watch TV on the go with DISH Anywhere

DISH Anywhere is the most versatile invention for TV watchers since the remote control. It gives you instant access to all the live TV you have at home as well as, all of your recorded content, and an on-demand library of thousands of titles. It’s true TV on the go. Enjoy the shows and movies that matter to you wherever you are, whenever you’re on the go using the DISH Anywhere app.

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MyDISH App on mobile devices

Order movies and pay your bill with the MyDISH app

You never know where you’re going to be when inspiration strikes. When you suddenly remember that movie you meant to watch, you can order it that very moment with the MyDISH app. And when you suddenly remember you need to pay your bill or manage your email notifications, you can do that too. Who has time to track down paperwork and phone numbers? Do it all here with the MyDISH App.

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DISH Music App for TV and Mobile devices

Listen to Whole-Home music with the DISH Music app

Create a soundtrack for your entire house with the DISH Music app. The DISH Music app allows you to play music from your personal library and popular music services in every room of the house by connecting your smartphone or tablet to the Hoppers and Joeys in each room to create a Whole-Home music experience. Sync the same music in multiple rooms or control the tunes in different rooms from the same app.

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MyTech App to track DISH Appointments

Schedule appointments & track your technician

Use the MyDISH app as your link to DISH’s renowned customer service. The MyDISH app gives you different ways to contact us if you’re having equipment or troubleshooting issues. If you need to schedule an appointment, you can do that. And when you do, you can track your tech’s progress toward your home so you’ll know exactly when to expect us. It doesn't get more convenient.

DISH Mobile Apps for all iOS, Android and Amazon

Apps for iOS, Android & Amazon

DISH apps are available on the major smartphone and tablet platforms. You’ll find both DISH Anywhere and DISH Music on Apple, Android and Amazon platforms, so no matter which operating system you use, DISH has your entertainment covered. MyDISH is available on Apple and Android platforms to to make it easy to manage your account on your phone from anywhere. Learn more about DISH apps for Apple iOS devices and Android devices.

Live and DVR content requires Internet-connected, Sling-enabled DVR. On Demand is available on computer and iPad; selection will be based on your programming subscription. All offers require 24-month commitment, credit qualification and qualified programming. Early Termination Fee applies. Monthly fees apply: Hopper, $10; Joey, $7; Super Joey, $10. Premium channel subject to change based on premium channel availability. Additional Important Terms