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“DISH has consistently
great service, and they
don't nickel and dime you.”

Steven - Aurora, CO

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Hopper 3 Smart DVR and TV example

An advanced HD DVR

Our whole-home HD DVR gives you the ability to pause, rewind or record live television in any room of your home. Record up to 2,000 hours of your favorite programming with the Hopper's 2 terabyte hard drive. Enjoy a seamless experience with the Hopper's sleek interface and countless television apps to choose from. Best of all, the Hopper is compact and easy to store. In fact, it's 61 percent smaller than DIRECTV's Genie.

With all these reasons to love the Hopper, it doesn't come as a surprise that there's a lot of buzz. No need to take our word for it, though.

Recording hours vary; 2,000 hours based on SD programming

DISH Receiver with access door open



"...the Hopper offers some unique, desirable features that you just can't get anywhere else."

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Whole-home confidence

Whether you're new to television subscription services or you're considering switching from your current provider, think about giving DISH and the Hopper a try. Take a look for yourself to see how you can improve your television experience with the Hopper.